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Polo Club

232 Polo Road, Toughkenamon, PA 19374

  • 4 Polo Fields

    • McHugh Field

    • Weymouth Field

    • Folly

    • Walker Field (off campus at 826 and Bryd Rd, across from New Bolton Center)

  • 1 Malvern Bank Stadium Arena

  • 100 Stalls

  • Polo Pavilion

Walker Field.jpg

Walker Field


Sometimes BPC Matches are held on our 3rd grass field (off campus), Walker Field. The decision is made by the polo manager and you, our valued spectator, is notified as soon as possible via BPC FB page. 


  • Walker Field

    • 770 Bryd Road, Kennett Sq, PA off of FM Road 926 across from Penn Vet New Bolton Center

    • +39° 52' 32.78", -75° 45' 30.25"

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