The ME Polo Academy

Play Polo Year Around
ME POLO ACADEMY offers one of the best polo programs to learn and improve your game, horsemanship and skills at any level all in one place. We offer a unique style of teaching that is efficient and detail oriented which allows you to experience everything about the game.
Martin Estrada is a USPA Certified Instructor. He continues to grow and support the sport of polo through the introduction and teaching of proper horsemanship, as well as the correct way to play polo safely. As a world renowned horseman and rider, there is no doubt you are going to love his horses and his instruction. Martin believes polo should be fun, affordable and experienced by everyone with a desire to learn. 
Come and stay for the day, the week or the whole season!


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Polo, It's Not Our Hobby, It's Our Passion

It is recommended every polo enthusiast first take a private lesson with Polo School Manager Martin Estrada. He will help you understand and establish solid basics in horsemanship, mallet control and game strategy. After that, you can discuss what plan of action you'd like to take, whether it be Orientation To Polo (OTP), a Lesson Package, League Play or Horse Leasing.

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Polo, It's Not Our Hobby, It's Our Passion


Private Polo Lessons

  • 1hr

  • What You Will Learn

    • On on One with Club Instructor

    • Polo Horsemanship

    • 4 Basic Polo Swings

    • Hitting Cage Practice

    • Horse, Tack Mallet Provided

    • All Riding Takes Place in Arena

    • Please Wear Riding Pants or Jeans, Boots with Heel or Paddock Boots with Half Chaps, Helmet is Required

    • Check in at Polo Office


Group Lessons

  • 2hrs

  • 3+ Participating

  • Day/Time TBD

  • What You Will Learn

    • Same as Private Lesson​

  • Group Photo Posted to BPC FB 


Team Building

  • 2hrs

  • 4+ Participants 

  • What You Will Learn

    • Mallet Swings

    • Hitting Cage Practice

    • Lesson Horse Provided

    • Mallet Provided

    • All Riding Takes Place in Arena

    • Wear Riding Pants or Jeans, Boot with Heel or Paddock Boots with Half Chaps, Helmet​

  • Group Photo Posted to BPC FB

Horsemanship Classes Available

Coaching Chukkers

  • June - October

  • Thursdays & Saturdays, Time TBA, Two Levels

  • What You Will Learn

    • Polo Game Strategy

    • Horsemanship

    • Barn Management

    • Drills for Ball Control

    • Efficient Swing Techniques

    • Hitting Cage Practice

    • Classroom Discussion

    • Video Analysis

    • Polo Rules

    • Horse/Tack/Mallet Provided as Needed

Polo Training




  • Intense Polo Training with Martin Estrada

  • $100 Horse Leasing Outdoor Per Chukker

  • $75 Horse Leasing Arena

  • House Available Upon Request

  • Contact Martin Estrada to arrange,