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What do you get when you combine the low impact aerobic workout of cycling, the challenge of a racket sport plus, the camaraderie of

a team sport? Super-fun Bike Polo. The sport of Polo is thought to be the oldest team sport known to man, dating from the days

when Persian warriors first rode horses into battle. Bicycle polo evolved a bit later; however, having had to wait for some clever chap to invent the modern bicycle. Since most can ride a bike, as well as afford one, bicycle polo has a much broader appeal. Stop by any Monday or Wednesday, May - Sept, and check it out. Text Alan Shelley 610.476.0386 to double check it isn't rained out. Bicycle polo at the Brandywine Polo Club is gaining in popularity, headed up by a semi-serious group of local, fun, beer drinking enthusiasts.

We recommend you try it, at least once. We have extra bikes and foot mallets waiting for you.

Anyone 18yrs or older welcome. Best to bring a bike helmet, just saying.

Email the Bike Polo Waiver to Thank you.

Your Next Great Sport
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