Updated 01.08.20


Sundays: Gate 1:30pm, Polo 3pm

Fridays: Gate 4:30pm, Polo 5:30pm



22  First Friday Practice

24  First Sunday Pineapple Cup 

29  First Friday Polo Match

31  Opening Day, Horses & Horsepower + Concert



07  Sunday Chester County Hospital Charity Polo Cup

11  Thursday FIG Summer Magazine Launch Party

13  Saturday Chukkers For Charity

14  Sunday Battle of The Sexes, Charity: Stroud Water Research

18 Thursday Arena Tournament Prelims 0-3g

20 Saturday Arena Tournament Final 0-3g

21 Sunday Father’s Day Circuit General Patton Military 0-4g  

26 Friday McHugh 4 goal Tournament Prelims

28 Sunday McHugh 4 goal Tournament Final 



05 Sunday Landhope League

12 Sunday Horses & Honky-Tonk Concert presented by OneMagnify

16 Thursday Arena USPA Cir 3-6g

18 Saturday Arena USPA Cir Final 3-6g

19  Sunday Sand Cup Final 

26  Sunday Landhope League Match 

31 Friday USPA Sunny Hale Legacy Qualifier



02 Sunday USPA Sunny Hale Legacy Final 

07 Friday Landhope Challenge Cup Pre 4-6g

09 Sunday Landhope Challenge Final 4-6g

16  Sunday League Match, Charity: Land Conservancy

21 Friday Polo Ponies Memorial Prelims 6-8g

23 Sunday Polo Ponies Memorial Final 6-8g

28 Friday Gerald Balding Cup Prelims 6-8g

30 Sunday Gerald Balding Cup Final 6-8g



06 Sunday Penn University vs Penn State Alumni Match

13 Sunday Polo Palooza Concert + Ferrari vs Land Rover

20 Sunday USA vs British Forces Exhibition Match

27 Sunday Richie Jones presented by Malvern Bank 

Summer Concert Dates

No Outside Food or Alcohol Allowed

Thank You!