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Create great summer memories by spending it at Brandywine. Join us for the 2020 Summer Season May - September. We play 0-8 goal polo including 7 tournaments, Saturday/Sunday League Matches, Coaching League, Arena and Grass polo. Horse leasing and polo by the chukker available. Application below.



14  Sunday June Knox (1) League  0-2g 1pm/ June Creative Finance (1) League 4-6g 3pm

19 Friday USPA National Commander-in-Chief Prelims 0-4g ($600 per team) RAINED OUT

21 Sunday Father’s Day USPA National Commander-in-Chief Prelims 0-4g

24 Wednesday USPA National Commander-in-Chief Prelims 0-4g, 2pm

26 Friday USPA Eastern Constitution Cup Arena 0-3g ($300 per team), time TBD

26 Friday USPA National Commander-in-Chief Consolation 0-4g, 5pm

26 Friday June Knox (2) League 0-2g 5pm & June Creative Finance (2) 4-6g League 6pm 

28 Sunday USPA Eastern Constitution Cup Arena 0-3g Final, time TBD

28 Sunday USPA National Commander-in-Chief Final 0-4g

28 Sunday June Knox (3) League 0-2g 1pm 



03 Friday McHugh Prelims 5pm ($400 per team)

05 Sunday 0-2 Finals June Knox (4)League 1pm, McHugh Finals 3pm

10 Friday 0-2 July (TBN)(1)League 0-2g 5pm, Final June Creative Finance (4)League 4-6g, 6pm

12 Sunday Horses & Horsepower, presented by OneMagnify

15 Wednesday M.E. Sand Cup 5pm (A&B Flight)

16 Thursday Malvern Bank Arena Challenge Prelims 0-3g, 6pm ($300 per team)

17 Friday M.E.Sand Cup, (A&B Flight) 5pm ($375pp = one truck load of sand)

(All pros donate their time to play with participants.)

18 Saturday M.E.Sand Cup Finals 10am, Malvern Bank Arena Challenge Final 0-3g, 6pm

19 Sunday July (TBN)(2)League 0-2g & July (TBN)(1) League 4-6g, 5pm

24 Friday USPA Sunny Hale Legacy (A&B Flight) 5pm ($600 per team)

25 Saturday July (TBN)(3) League 0-2g, July (TBN)(2) League 4-6g 5pm 

26 Sunday USPA Sunny Hale (A&B Flight) Finals, 1pm & 3pm  

31 Friday Landhope Challenge Cup Prelims 4-6g, 5pm ($800 per team)



02 Sunday July (TBN)(4)League 0-2g Final 1pm, Landhope Challenge Cup Finals 4-6pm, 3pm  

07 Friday USPA Polo Pony Memorial Prelims 6-8g, 5pm ($1200 per team)

09 Sunday USPA Polo Pony Memorial Finals 6-8, 3pm,Polo Pony Consolation, 0-2g Aug League Time: TBA

14 Friday Aug (TBN)(1)League 0-2g 5pm, July (TBN)(3)League 4-6g 6pm

16 Sunday Aug (TBN)(2)League 0-2, 1pm, July(TBN)(4)League Final 4-6g 3pm, Charity: Land Conservancy

21 Friday USPA Gerald Balding Prelims 6-8g ($1200 per team)

23 Sunday USPA Gerald Balding Final 6-8g 3pm, Gerald Balding Consolation, 0-2g Aug League 1pm

28 Friday Aug (TBN)(3)League  0-2g 5pm, Aug (TBN)(1)League 4-6g 6pm

30 Sunday Aug (TBN)(4)League 0-2g 1pm, Aug (TBN)(2)League 4-6g 3pm, Horses & Honky-Tonk



06 Sunday Aug (TBN)(3)League 4-6g Match

13 Sunday Polo In White + Concert, Aug (TBN)(4)League 4-6g Final

20 Sunday USA vs British Forces Exhibition Match

27 Sunday Richie Jones presented by Malvern Bank 



02 Friday 0-2 League, 5pm

04 Sunday Mixed Match (2men+2women) 3pm

09 Friday 0-2 League, 5pm

11 Sunday Mixed Match (2men+2women) 3pm

16 Friday 0-2 League, 5pm

18 Sunday Mixed Match (2men+2women) 3pm


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