2017 Schedule

All Friday matches start at 5:30 unless specified otherwise.
All Sunday matches start at 3:00 unless specified otherwise.
The general public are very welcome at any of our matches.
All dates and times are subject to change, please return here or call the club at 610-268-8692 for updates.

Date Friday Polo Purchase
Date Sunday Polo Notes Purchase
  May 29th Opening Day Match – Memorial Day Monday 3:00 PM Tickets
June 2nd Friday Night Polo

June 4th Sunday Polo
Sponsored by Ronald McDonald Red Shoe and Brew
Polo Only:
Red Shoe Event:
June 9th Friday Night Polo
June 11th Chester County Hospital Cup
Sponsored by Chester County Hospital
 Polo Only
CCH Event
June 16th 0-4 Goal League Tickets
June 18th Sunday Polo   Tickets
June 23rd 0-4 Goal League
Tickets June 24th Mason-Dixon Cup 8-Goal Final Saturday  Free
      June 25th Sunday Polo MPC 4-Goal
New Garden Airport
Balloon Festival
June 30th McHugh 4 Goal
Tournament Prelims
July 2nd McHugh 2-4 Goal Tournament Final  Tickets
July 7th Friday Night Polo
 Tickets July 9th Sunday Polo MPC Women's Tour  Tickets
July 14th Friday Night Polo
 Tickets July 16th Sunday Polo
MPC 6-Goal  Tickets
July 21st Friday Night Polo  Tickets July 22nd ARENA 3-6 Goal Arena Tournament Final USPA Tournament
July 23rd Sunday Polo Tickets
July 28th Friday Night Polo
July 30th Women's Tournament Final USPA/WCT
Aug 4th 4-6 Goal Prelims
Tickets Aug 6th 4-6 goal Landhope Challenge Cup USPA Tournament Tickets
Aug 11th Friday Night Polo
Tickets Aug 13th Sunday Polo Tickets
Aug 18th

Friday Night Polo

Tickets Aug 20th

Sunday Polo

New Garden Air Show

Aug 25th Polo Ponies Prelims Tickets Aug 27th 6-8 goal Polo Ponies Tournament Final
Sponsored by Koncordia Group
USPA Tournament Tickets
Sept 1st Gerald Balding Prelims
Tickets Sept 3rd 6-8 goal Gerald Balding Tournament Final
USPA Tournament Tickets
Sept 8th Friday Night Polo Sept 10th

Sunday Polo

Sept 15th Friday Night Polo
Tickets Sept 17th Sunday Polo   Tickets
Sept 22nd Friday Night Polo
Tickets Sept 24th

Sunday Polo
Sponsored by Malvern Federal

Sept 29th Friday Night Polo  Tickets Oct 1st Richie Jones Memorial Match
Sponsor: The Jones Family